Intelligent Design, Licensed Tradesmen, Quality, Workmanship, Fixed Cost, Detailed Contracts, Long History of Additions are the sum of what sets apart one builder from another.

When it comes to selecting a builder, do not focus on the price, but more importantly what you are getting for the price. Time frames, quality materials, workmanship and ability to deliver the service/project are what counts. There are no deals when it comes to additions. Be an educated consumer, do your home work. Visit a builder's web site and read up on them, visit their work site, visit their office and get a visual of how they run their business.

Select a builder that has the capability to deliver the project. Put your trust and hard earned investment dollars as well as your family's future in the hands of a reputable builder. Trust Cass-A-Bella Construction.

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General Construction Articles

These are general articles which we believe provide good information for a home owner with some of the basics topics and information someone would need.

Are furnace maintenance plans worth it? - Article about Joe Mancini from Mancini Heating & Air Conditioning. This a trade men who is used by Cass-A-Bella Construction because we believe it is important to get job right the first time. We trust Joe and so should you.

How much does it cost to design and build a project to add more living space for your home? Read more about home addition costs in Toronto and what to pay attention to.

How to choose a custom home builder. Reputation and ability to deliver is key.

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