Builder Focus

The city is full of designers, builders and contractors. some are great and some not so great. As we all have seen, on television, in magazines and heard first hand from friends and family, there are no shortages of builders messing up homeowner's projects, homes and lives. So when you come across a builder that knows what they are doing and delivers what they say they are going to do, then it is our duty and to feature them.

Cass-A-Bella Construction is a company that is made up of three parts.

(A) Fernando Duarte. A 34 Year old with ten years years of construction management building experience - some fairly extensive and complex additions and several new homes over this time frame. His approach to scheduling and quality has allowed him to collect a large pool of tradesman that have helped him grow as a builder and equally important have a mutual respect that allows them to work as a super team.

(B) Charles Scibberas. Over twenty solid years of designing, costing, managing of large scale additions, who's ability to pay close attention to detail, architectural aesthetics, over all design, family needs, return on investment and specific budget in relationship to a project has made him a valuable ally to any home owner.

(C) A team of sub-trades, that have high standards equal to the business philosophy of these two gentlemen. Tradesmen that are experienced, fully licensed and share a mutual understanding of old fashion pride of workmanship.

Take a drive to their 51 Laid Drive office and you get the feeling that these gentlemen place a high priority on details and over all tasteful architectural flair. But once you walk into their office you quickly appreciate their talents and understanding of the meaning of design.

Their entire focus is to provide a project that provides Enjoyment of Life. Sciberras says, that there are several reasons to build a project for homeowners but the one that is most important is to bring you a higher level of enjoyment of life. Take our office for example. We work in it all day and many nights, it only made sense top design an office that would give us inspiration and enjoyment of our environment. It also provided for our homeowners a chance to see what we are our capabilities are without having to actually visit our job sites.

Duarte Says, the biggest misconception in the industry is that all contractors are alike. When you finally do find a couple of good builders to quote your project, you need to read the contract carefully to see what exactly you are receiving and what you are not getting, then look at the cost. IN construction there is no such thing as a per square foot price or a fixed cost for all additions. You can ask ten builders to give you a price on one set of drawings. You will get prices tens of thousands of dollars apart. Take the time to read the proposal and learn what makes one bui9lder different from another. Do your homework, be an educated buyer,. Take the time to find the right builder and the fairest prices. There is a saying in our industry " The price you start with is not the price you finish with. Thus the important of a good contract and builder.

In an environment whereby the consumer is at a loss to a builder, take the time to understand what it is you are getting into and keep your focus on value and quality, not the cheapest price..

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