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The Value of Design/Build

When you provide quality workmanship, fair pricing and 100% guarantee, success comes easy.

For these two long time friends, designing and building large scale additions has been their forte and levels of expertise.  Many people claim to be builders, but only a select group in this fast growing city can actually deliver the goods. In the industry of additions, there has been no shortage of, one horror story after another, of builders running off with deposits, unfinished projects, unpaid bills to name a few.

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Companies like Cass-A-Bella Construction and more importantly the two men behind the name, Fernando Duarte and Charles Sciberras, are proof that if you look around, you will find the perfect builder.  What makes a perfect builder?:  These simple components: Building a quality project on time at the fixed price agreed upon. Sounds simple enough, but only a select group of builders in the city can actually deliver such a product/service and Cass-A-Bella guarantees it.

Utilizing a company such as Cass-A-Bella Construction, who are “Design Builders” allows you to build a project within your budget right from the start.  Therefore your expectations of getting exactly what you want will be met with no hidden extra charges.

Cass-A-Bella Construction provides drawings for $1.00 to $1.50 per sq. ft. and guarantees their pricing will not be matched as well as guarantees your total satisfaction or you don’t pay the last payment.

Hard to bet that.

Entrepreneur quarterly - sixth edition - spring issue p9

Select a builder that has the capability to deliver the project. Put your trust and hard earned investment dollars as well as your family's future in the hands of a reputable builder. Trust Cass-A-Bella Construction.

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