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Second Floor Additions in East York, Mississauga & Toronto

Tangemere Road

  • New garage addition
  • New side addition
  • New overall second floor addition
  • 10 ft main floor
  • 8 ft second floor

Other second floor addition projects in East York, Mississauga & Toronto

"Really great experience with Cass-a-Bella construction. My second floor addition was done on time and on budget."

- Chad Waterman

With over 100+ homes completed, Cass-A-Bella Construction continues to provide quality workmanship and craftsmanship in all our designs and builds. We strive for excellence and to provide our customers with the home building industries most comprehensive pricing quotation on all our projects. We are honest and upfront regarding all the costs for supplies and specifications. We keep all of our projects on budget and provide value for all upgrades and modifications made during the construction phase.

His long time friend, Charles Sciberras, one of Toronto's most respected design/cost professionals with over twenty years of experience is one of the assets that sets Cass-A-Bella apart from their competition. The combination of Fernando and Charles each skillfully doing their respective part in the company has allowed the company to run smoothly and effectively. Charles Sciberras has designed hundreds of projects, all focused on architectural considerations, return on investment, family functionality and budget requirements. He presently designs the over all look and functionality of each project calculating the cost in relationship to investment.

Meet The Team

Charles Sciberras & Fernando Duarte

Cass-A-Bella Construction

Licensed Homebuilders and Quality Materials

By hiring our licensed homebuilders, homeowners can takeout the guesswork, out of the second story addition in east York. Cass-A-Bella Construction shall ensure that your project runs smoothly and meets all requirements by the city and federal government. Our licensed homebuilders have undergone proper training and acquired the knowledge needed to ensure successful second floor additions in East York.

Cost-Effective and Timely Project Completion For Your Second Floor Addition

At Cass-A-Bella Construction, we understand the importance of ensuring the second floor additions in East York will be completed as scheduled. Moreover, we are a budget conscious second room addition contractor. Before the project begins, we listen to customers requirements in terms of project timeline. Thus, we come up with a proper project plan to ensure that the project is complete on time. Moreover, we ensure competitive bids, guaranteeing your project is completed on budget. For successful second floor additions in East York, Contact Cass-A-Bella Construction. We are professional building contractors, committed to ensuring timely project completion and within the budget.

Cass-A-Bella Construction Guarantee

The only builder in Toronto to Guarantee your Satisfaction or you don't Pay!

Cass-a-Bella Construction is one of the top custom home builders in the Toronto Area. We build more homes and home additions than over 97% of the companies in the Toronto surrounding areas. At Cass-A-Bella Construction, we strive to achieve quality workmanship on all our projects while providing the home owner the peace of mind that he is dealing with a top rated home builder. If you are not 100% happy, you don't have to pay the last payment on the construction contract.

Why do we offer this Guarantee?

We believe the home owner needs to feel confident when dealing with the home builder at all times. At Cass-A-Bella Consruction, we will undertake the home construction project from start to end while providing the home owner an open door of communication during the entire design and construction phases. Cass-A-Bella Construction is a Tarion Home builder and our construction management experience allows us to raise home building to a higher standard with expert project management, planning, scheduling and budgeting. We look forward to building your dream home or adding more living space to your existing home.

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